The frame and temples of our sunglasses are manufactured from high quality acetate using complex operations. Acetate is an organic material which is particularly well suited by the unique properties for the production of high quality glasses. The lightweight and flexible frames have a very high wearing comfort and the "look and feel" is unique. Another great advantage of acetate is that the fit can be adapted. Even slight heating allows the optician a correction bending and adjusting to your requirements.

Our lenses are made of the synthetic resin CR39 which has the advantage that it is heat resistant and extremely durable. Nevertheless, it is not brittle like glass. All lenses comply with the EC Directive 89/686 / EEC and the standard EN ISO 12312-1. You have to change your lenses because of damage or scratches? - No Problem! You can simply replace your lenses with new ones from the same series! Your optician will heat up the acetate frame and change the lenses.

To give our sunglasses the necessary stability and robustness, we use only screwed multi barrel stainless steel hinges. The result is an extremely high-quality connection of frame and bracket that is nearly indestructible and allows no distortion.

Our collection is designed by renowned eyewear designers. The influence of international trends and classic elements form the basis of development. In addition to the optimal design we also focused on a excellent wearing comfort . The result is a brilliant blend of form and function that is unparalleled. Our motto: "say no to cheap design!"

Then as now, the production of high quality acetate sunglasses involves a lot of manual work and requires very specific expertise. It is milled, sanded, polished, finished and assembled before holding the finished sunglasses in his hands. And these are our top quality handwork glasses a soul which is not found in the cheap-molded plastic glasses.

Each original Spotsnapr sunglasses comes with 2 stainless steel logo on the temples. The branding gives the shades this last high class finishing touch.

Our Shades are perfect in form and function. And the same demand we have for the Case! – With every SPOTSNAPR shade you will get a nearly indestructible "hard case" Zip Pouch which survives even the toughest applications. The Shade itself is also wrapped in a microfiber eyeglass bag which can also be used to clean the Shade.